Now Offering Dive Sea / Over Night Trips


Deep Sea Fishing Trips Info

On six to eight hour trips, we will drop for bottom dwellers like red snapper, beeliners, lane snapper and triggerfish. We can also troll for Spanish and king mackerel and sight cast live bait and jigs for ling, (cobia).
Ten and twelve hour trips open the opportunity to fish for Amberjack and grouper, when in season. It also allows us to get far enough offshore to high speed troll for Wahoo as we move between fishing spots. Dolphin, aka mahi mahi, aka Dorado, are also more of a possibility.

The overnight trips, twenty four to thirty-six hours, are for tuna and marlin. A trip to the “floaters” always has untold potential. These are semi-submersible oil rigs in water over 2,000 feet deep that attract the bait tuna, marlin and dolphin like to eat.

We can deep drop for tilefish and a variety of groupers on the overnight trips as well.

***It should be noted, due to ever increasing regulation and changing seasons and bag limits, it’s very hard to anticipate what can be kept and when. The opening and closing of seasons for different fish species follows no time table. When the National Marine Fisheries Service determines the quota is met, retention for that species is ended. This can happen on the day of your trip.

Deep Sea and Overnight Trips

Now offering DEEP SEA and OVERNIGHT trips for up to 6 people in 46ft Bertram. All rates require an additional 15% tip for Deck Hands.
Rates: 10% Deposit required to book / Fish Cleaning .33 cents a pound.

• 6 hour - $1200 • 10 hour - $1800 • 18 hour - $3500 / Requires Advance Notice
• 8 hour - $1400 • 12 hour - $2200 • 24 hour - $4200 / Requires Advance Notice
• 36 hour - $5300 / Requires Advance Notice